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The launch of zero-proof drink Thomas and Evans an exceptional non-alcoholic beverage (that also tastes great with gin...), working with Sprout.

The vast Printworks provided the backdrop to proceedings - a no-plates dinner for 50 people cooked by the excellent Thomas Griffiths, with non-alcoholic cocktails created by Jack Bevan.

This was an event that played with the senses, with guests being guided over crunchy leaves in blacked out rooms (with just the misty light breaking through the trees to guide them), passing by old TVs looping temperance footage, weaving through a birch tree forest and passing by woodsmen before finally entering the dining space - an enormous warehouse with a seemingly never ending table lined with candles and draped with foliage where guests were seated to feast surrounded by a slowly moving forest, projected on to gauze panels with the smell of birch in the air.


Photos | Andreas Pettersson