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In the words of Good Things Magazine 'In an industry where awards can often be staid and static, The YBFs is a gloriously riotous celebration of the rookie talent disrupting the British food scene for the better'. After two years spent in splendid grandeur at Tate Britain, the 2016 Young British Foodies awards loosened its proverbial tie (wrapped the tie around the head, in some cases) and we put on the house party to end all house parties. Hosted within the ornate rooms of 30 Pavilion Road the collaborative menu created by YBF finalists and alumni was set upon antique silverware, nestled amongst piles of vegetables from Natoora and sat upon custom made velvet fringed table runners. Hand painted signs were made by the super cool Daisy Emerson and a secret roof terrace featured a whisky punch fountain, gold topped bar, mint green and coral velvet furniture and lush green palms. To read more take a look at the Munchies article here. Photos | Jake Lewis and Tori Middelton