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Edgard & Cooper, the food of choice for pooches with a more refined palette, put on a Christmas party for Edgard and Cooper (actual dogs) and a selection of their canine friends to celebrate the launch of their Christmas menu. Very happily Bang Bang was brought on board by TASTE PR to produce the event. Our party took place at the uber dog friendly and super cool Town Hall Hotel (there's a sign at the door saying no dog has ever been rude to staff...) and as well as the usual delicious canapés and cocktails for guests, packets of Edgard & Cooper were offered to our hairier clientele upon silver plated trays. And as if a room full of festive mutts running around and making new pals wasn't pure joy enough, we created a doggy photo booth with mini props box so that our gang of hounds could take home a momento of their evening. Photos | Philip Scutt