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Movember Galas

Posted by Vicki Baker, Nov 30, 2014

The Movember Gala is an end of month celebration of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas fundraising efforts during November. A carnival of moustachery, this is the costume party they’ve been growing for. In a quest to find Man of Movember these parties were held across the globe, originally playing a crucial role in how Movember, the charity, was born (if you don’t know the story, look it up. It’s an amazing example of how a simple idea can snowball in to something amazing).

Bang Bang produced these events in the UK and Ireland from 2008 until the final party in 2014. Old Billingsgate, The Roundhouse and York Hall are a few of the venues that played host to the hirsute madness, which changed in theme year on year alongside the campaign.

Photos | Robin Boot and Leon Layman