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Music Halls

Posted by Vicki Baker, Feb 12, 2015

Dream brief alert. Someone throw a glass of Dubonnet and some cabaret my way.

Before there were nightclubs, there were music halls, which were kind of like night clubs but with a three course meal and a shake more debauchery. Originating in the back rooms of pubs during the 1830s, music hall entertainment became so popular that the pubs were eventually knocked down and special music hall theatres built in their place, designed so that people would be able to consume food, drink alcohol and smoke whilst enjoying ‘working class’ entertainment.

Pictured here are some of the venues still going strong today. From left to right, top to bottom; Hoxton HallBrick Lane Music Hall, The Gold Ballroom at The Rivoli, The Rivoli Ballroom and Wiltons Music Hall.