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Brand new website

Posted by Vicki Baker, Oct 1, 2016

Bang Bang was born almost three years ago and since day one of its conception (before day one even) me and some friends of mine have been working on the brand and the website.

Looking back through my early sketches I am hugely indebted to my pal Alex Denman (Root+Bone) who expertly translated these bonkers drawings in to something far cooler and much more palatable for the eyes. And special thanks goes to the never ending patience of Ben Barker of PAN Studio who guided me through the whole process and the team at Miln who built the site as well as my super smart copy reader friends, Becca Magnus and Anna Wright.

Uploading all of my projects and blog posts to the website has been a nice little reminder of the brilliant people I’ve gotten to work with over these last few years and all the fun that we’ve had doing so.

Here’s to the next few years, and then some.